Listen to what professional ski instructors, boat drivers and wakeboard coaches have to say about why they prefer PTM Edge mirrors over other mirrors!

Amber Wing
Professional Wakeboarder, Alliance Rider of the Year
“The new mirror is great! I can see my rider at all times when driving the boat. The swing arm it is mounted on is super convenient for placing the mirror in the exact location and also having the mirror out of the way when people are walking through the boat to the bow.”

Kris Lapoint
Hall of Fame Waterskier
“Jennifer and I usually ski without a third, so it has been tough to get any feedback/coaching. Now, with the PTM Edge VR-140 mirror, it has all changed! Now we can watch each other and drive at the same time. This really helps if I am having trouble with my 2 and 4 buoy turns. I can get some feedback and still have a good boat path. With other mirrors we have tried in the past, you could set it to see one side of the course or the other, but none let you see the whole course like the VR-140. We will not have a boat without installing the VR-140 from now on. Thanks for designing such a vital tool for a slalom training! The PTM Edge VR-140 is the greatest tool for slalom training to come along since speed control! The driver can check boat path and check form on turns on BOTH sides of the course, just by sitting normally in the seat and taking a quick glance in the mirror. With mirrors we have used in the past, you could watch only one side of the course, or the boat path, or the other side of the course, but never all three like you can with this mirror.”

Chad Sharpe
Professional Wakeboarder
“The mirror is amazing!”

Chet Raley
Owner Palm Beach Training Center, Elite Ski Instructor
“You don’t need 2 mirrors anymore… can see the skier at any rope length, can see buoy at any rope length… it is simply, the best mirror I have ever used.”

Shaun Murray
World Champion Professional Wakeboarder and Instructor

“I’m able to see all that is going on around me… whether I am coaching from the driver’s seat or picking up a rider at the end of a set, I can see them the entire time. It’s practicality and safety all in one.”

Andy Mapple
11 Time Mens Slalom World Record Holder
“…the instant I put the mirror on, the difference was incredible. I had become accustom to what I thought was enough to see. The definition and how much more I can see of the skier is a huge benefit to what we do. I can drive and keep everything, I mean everything, in view without turning around.”

Tarah Mikacich
Professional Wakeboarder and Coach
“It’s so great to be able to see the rider the whole time. They never go outside the view of the mirror, so I’m not having to constantly look over my shoulder while I’m driving to see their approach to the wake. It’s very clear & doesn’t rattle around. And the fact that it rotates down so we can cover the boat without removing the mirror is awesome!”

Todd Ristorcelli
11 Time Mens Slalom World Record Holder
“I love the PTM Edge mirror. What a view of the action on the water. From a coaching perspective, the wide-angle view of the mirror really gives the driver a comprehensive view of the skier’s technique. No other mirror on the market comes close.”

Alan Wendt
IBEX Innovation Award Judge
“Having a second set of eyes on your kids while towing them in any variety of watersports is an inherent parental responsibility. The prescription grade optics provide unparalleled viewable range… we’ve never seen a mirror like this.”

Ryan Jones
General Manager – American Boat Center
“It is not often that a boat dealer gets to offer something that so significantly changes the boating experience for our customers. The 360 degree experience that this mirror provides is a game changer. It gives our dealership the opportunity to offer an incredible product that can be added to any boat ever purchased from American Boating Center.”

Alex Graydon
Professional Athlete and Coach
“I was a bit skeptical at first. I mean, others told me about the clarity and how far outside the wake I would be able to see from the driver’s seat without turning around. But WOW, now I believe! As a driver, I am aware of everything going on around me – in front of the boat, inside and especially what is happening with my rider – without continuously turning around! This new mirror design has made my job easier every time I use my boat. I love it.”

Brian Grubb
Professional Wakeskater
“The PTM boat mirror is great mirror for any boat because it lets the driver see it all behind the boat. The wide panoramic view always keeps the rider in sight. You wont miss a thing with this mirror on your boat.”