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Q: How do I lock the CFR bracket into place?

To lock the arm of a CFR-series bracket into place, push the arm down until the red dot at the base of the arm is no longer visible. On older versions of the CFR-series bracket, there is no red dot, but the function is the same – the arm drops into a channel in the lower clamp. Once in place, tighten the lock knob two full turns (clockwise). See graphic below or video at the bottom of this page.


Q: What’s the difference between the CFR-200 and ZXR brackets?

The carbon fiber CFR-200 bracket locks into place by dropping into a channel and tightening the knob on the side. The aluminum ZXR brackets have a knob on the back that controls an internal cam that locks the bracket in the upright position.

Q: Which Bracket Do I Need For My Boat?

For the best fit, the bracket is dependent upon the manufacturer of your windshield. While there are only a few manufacturers of windshield trim, the fit is important. Go to our bracket selector to identify the right bracket for your boat.

Q: Are The Optics The Same On The PRO And ELITE Models?

Yes, the PRO and ELITE Models both offer unparalleled viewable range and clarity via prescription grade optics.

Q: What Are The Dimensions Of The VR-100 And VR-140?

VR-100 – 6” x 14” | VR-140 – 6” x 20”

Q: What Are The Differences Between The VR-100 And VR-140?

The viewable range is the difference between the VR-100 and VR-140. The VR-100 offers 100 degrees of viewable range for the driver. The VR-140 offers 140 degrees of viewable range for the driver.

Q: How Can I Become A Dealer?

Contact PTM Edge at info@protomet.com or call 865.425.0600.

Q: What Is The Difference Between The Elite And Pro Versions?

The PRO version is a UV-resistant engineered polymer housing. The ELITE mirror is housed in a precision CNC-machined 6061-T6 billet aluminum housing.

Q: Will The VR Mirrors Fit My Current Bracket?

The VR mirrors have a spherical mounting system compatible with many existing brackets on the market. For some existing tower mounted brackets, the RTS-100 will be necessary to mount the VR mirrors.

Q: How Do You Mount The Bracket?

Regardless whether you have the ZXR-Series or the PXR pontoon mirror, installation is a snap. With the tightening of two bolts with a 1/4” Allen wrench, the brackets lock into place. Occasionally, the trim will require the insertion of rubber shims (provided) to provide a solid surface on which the bracket will clamp. The brackets can be easily repositioned with these same bolts. No drilling is required and there is no damage to the windshield trim or pontoon rail.

Q: Do You Make A Less Expensive Bracket?

Depending on your application, various brackets are available from PTM Edge at different prices. The key attributes are functionality and versatility. The ZXR-Series brackets are constructed of rugged 6061 billet aluminum and incorporate a patent-pending design. They lock into place, preventing sloppy vibrations, and fold down, allowing covering and transportation without removal. While there are cheaper options, none perform like the PTM Edge brackets.

Q: Do You Have A Bracket For My Center Console Boat?

The UCX-17 PRO can easily be installed anywhere on your center console at any angle.

 To learn more about the UCX-17 PRO and to watch an installation video, click here.

Q: Do You Ship To Countries Outside The United States?

We regularly ship to other countries. We will work with the customer to identify the most economic shipping method that assures delivery. For shipments outside the U.S., terms are F.O.B. Oak Ridge, Tennessee and the customer is responsible for shipping costs.

Q: We Have A 4-Point Tower With A Tower Arm Bracket That Comes Off And Ends In A Round Rod. Can The VR Mirrors Be Mounted To The End Of This Rod?

Yes. You need an RTS-100 adapter that connects the rod to the VR-Series mirror.

Q: We Have A U-Shaped Rod Mounted To Our Windshield Trim That Holds The Mirror. Can The VR-Series Mirror Be Mounted To The U-Shaped Rod?

Yes. Some users have cut the rod and used an RTS-100 adapter to connect the rod to the VR-Series mirror. After cutting the rod in the center point, slide the RTS-100 halfway onto one side of the rod. Insert the other side of the rod into the remaining clamping area of the RTS-100. Tighten to hold the rod together and re-mount onto the desired windshield location. Add the VR-Series mirror per instructions.